Wholesale package 12 Orgonite® Pendants Natural Sacred Geometry - Orgone Necklace - EMF Sheild - Protection - 528hz Solfeggio


☥ Listing for lot of 12 Orgonite Pendants shown in photos. Priced and shipped for wholesale. Properties for all individual crystals are listed below. Each pendant contains minimum of 7 different types of crystals and Elemental metals including copper and gold for piezoelectric effect. Many also contain sea shells representing natural sacred geometry.

╰☆╮Option at checkout to include adjustable black silky cord necklaces with each pendant (adjustable to 27").

╰☆╮♥ This lot includes:

1 Butterfly Pendant 2" (including ring) x 1 1/4 x 1/2" depth
1 Crystalline Giza Pendant 1 1/2" x 1" x 1/2" depth
1 Wand Pendant 2 1/4" x 1/2" Including spiral wrap/ring
9 Small heart Pendants 1 1/4" x 1" x 1/2" depth

☼ All items now sealed with heirloom quality, Solar cured protective sealant. Non-toxic, very durable and scratch resistant


Reiki Infused, Cosmically aligned & Attuned with Solfeggio Healing Frequencies during curing process ❤ ✯ ♬ ✯ ❤ Additionally Attuned to Sacred Scarab

❤ UT - 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear
❤ RE - 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
❤ MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
❤ FA - 639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships
❤ SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition
❤ LA - 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order




Encourages honest communication, self esteem, hope, healing from trauma, encourages trust safely, beneficial for aligning astral and physical planes.
Color: blue/green, aqua, mint green
Main Chakra: Vishuddah & Ajna ~ Throat & Third eye chakras (communication, creative expression in writing, enlightenment, psychic ability, meditation, discernment)

The most valuable Amethyst available sought for its deep spiritual meaning & dark, intense purple color.In addition to the benefits all Amethyst crystals are known & loved for, Uruguay Amethyst has its own amplification & attraction field which magnifies its metaphysical character & aligns swiftly with the one who holds it. Dream work/ interpretation, meditation, inner strength, clarity & spiritual protection, understanding ones own feelings, self realization. Enhances psychic abilities.
Color: Deep PurpleChakras: Ajna & Sahasrara ~ Third eye & crown chakras (Divine paths, perception, consciousness, awakening, clarity, psychic abilities, spiritual inner standing)

Dream work/ interpretation, meditation, inner strength, clarity & spiritual protection, understanding ones own feelings, self realization. Enhances psychic abilities.
Color - Violet, purple
Main Chakras: Ajna & Sahasrara ~ Third eye & crown chakras (Divine paths, perception, consciousness, awakening, clarity, psychic abilities, spiritual inner standing)

A beautiful and magical crystal formed as a single point with many tiny points covering its surface creating a prismatic amplification of the energetic properties and light.

ANGEL QUARTZ (untreated)
also called Angel Phantom or Aura Quartz is a Unique crystal, found only at Minas Gerias (Brazil). Widely used for working with angelic realms and finding divine path. Creates harmony & balance in all aspects of life and encourages actions out of love. Assists in connecting with spirit guides, inter dimensional understanding and astral work. Some find it enhances dreams making them easier to recall. Reveals meaning and purpose of relationships with others.
Color: Clear, Smokey. Rainbow inclusions often resembling angel wings
Chakras: All chakras, strengthens 3rd Eye & Crown

Unique, high vibration Quartz crystal containing Yellow, Red, Orange, White and Pink inclusions which form beautiful holographic swirls said to be visual and vibrational aids for communicating with the angelic realm. Increases awareness of spirit rhealm and past life recall. A protective and calming vibration clearing ethereal static from Aura. Creates harmony & balance in all aspects of life and encourages actions out of love.
Color: Clear with holographic inclusions of Yellow, White, Pink, Red, Orange (made up of Hematite, Limonite, Kaolinite & Lithium)
Chakras: All chakras

ANHYDRITE (Angelite)
Stone of serenity, inner peace & calming. Raises state of conscious awareness & vibrations allowing the wearer to rise above stressful situations while providing clarity. Considered to be an excellent crystal for connecting to angelic realms & aiding mediums with communication. Enhances psychic abilities and strengthens light channels.
Color: Light blue, Periwinkle
Chakras: Vishuddah, Ajna, Sahasrara - Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown chakras

APATITE ☥ (Blue Apatite)
Reveals divine truth and clears obstacles from ones spiritual path. Connects to memories of past lives and brings future purpose to light.
Aids in manifesting by dispelling negativity / discouragement & increasing motivation. Excellent for communicating in groups, public speaking & expressing ideas or beliefs.
Color: Blue
Chakra: Visshuda Throat (communication of all kinds, creative expression in writing)

AQUARMARINE Often known as the Stone of Serenity comfort and courage considered to be a powerful talisman of protection, especially when traveling by water. Its capacity to quiet the mind and still thoughts makes Aquamarine beneficial to those wishing to strengthen psychic abilities, spirit interpretation or connect with spiritual planes. Brings out strength and self confidence to overcome all fears. Encourages tolerance and compassion at all times, providing a deeper understanding of the differences in all. Clarifies perception while helping to release negative emotions and thought patterns. Strengthens communication.
Color: light shades of clear green/blue, aquamarine
Main Chakra: Vishuddah, Throat Chakra

Prosperity and abundance, emotional strength, promotes leadership abilities, yin and yang balance, awakening, finding love and soul mate.
Main Chakra - Anahata ~ Heart Chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)

Crystals programmed by Ancient Atlantean & Atlantean incarnates with information, lessons including origins, healing codes, awakening codes & planetary grid patterns. Information is accessed by empathics & reincarnated souls for remembrance. It is believed these crystals often find their way back to their original keeper throughout the cycles. See also Quartz

AZEZTULITE high vibrational quartz of spiritual evolution. Believed to embody a consistent channel of the purest form of light which brings about awakening, transformation and awareness of the interconnectedness of all that is. Excellent tool for healers and spiritual work as it broadcasts a direct, clear and uninterrupted flow of energy never needing to be cleared or recharged.
Color: clear
chakras: All

AXINITE Strong and balancing stone believed to provide an energy of endurance and encourages motivation needed to make changes in path. Considered a unique tool by healers who value the the restorative power and ability to heal by reconnecting roots and allowing one to regain the love for magic and spiritual realms. Promotes creativity and encourages healing through creative work. Aids in releasing menial blockages. Considered a rare stone, only being found in USA, France, Mexico, Russia and Australia, Color: Brown, Reddish brown or violet brown Chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana Root & Sacral Chakras

Supreme stone of higher consciousness often called the "stone of heaven" known for its powerful ability to dissolve old and useless thought patterns, clear away confusion and provide strong fours to achieve new perspectives and clarity. Has been used throughout the ages for reasons of spirituality, astral travel and even strengthening the warrior spirit. Activates third eye, protects from all forms of psychic obstructions and provides a shield of ethereal protection. Valued and held as sacred by many for its multiple aspects, beauty and characteristics.
Color: crystals are deep shades of royal blue, outer stone is often mixed with Malachite (green), Stone itself is primarily shades of brown, white
Main Chakra: Ajna, 3rd Eye

BISMUTH (Naturally Formed Elemental Crystallization) A very unique form of metal based crystal. Bismuth forms not only with beautiful rainbow colors but also in amazing geometric shapes resembling stairway pyramids. Beneficial in all matters of transformation and change providing assurance needed to adapt to new situations or environments. Also prevents feelings of loneliness or inferiority by allowing the understanding of similarity and connectedness. Additionally, Bismuth is known to aid in clear decision making vibrating an energy of reassurance that is both calming and energizing. Strengthens Multi dimensional abilities and understanding, encourages humility with leadership. Multi purposed life force conduit with its own energetic balance of crystal and metal.
Color: Various shades of metallic/silver rainbow when crystallized
Chakra: All chakras

BLACK OBSIDIAN Volcanic glass formation provides powerful protection as a shield against negativity while simultaneously blocking "psychic attacks". Used as divination tool and during rites of deep cleansing and healing. Obsidian is a supreme protector working best when worn daily (by one person) allowing it to form an energetic pattern which will keep aura clear of ethereal buildup and prevent attachments. Enhances memories of past lives, strengthens natural abilities and intuition. Good for medium work as it thins the veil in its own space and immediate environment, Reveals truth. This Obsidian was collected in Oregon, Washington “Oregon Glass buttes”, a well known origin point of beautiful and highly energetic Obsidian.
Color: Silver/Black/ Dark Brown / Transparent Black Chakras: Muladhara, Ajna - Root & 3rd Eye Chakras

BLACK TEKTITE (TIBETAN) Meteor born stone known to adjust the body and minds capacity for highest frequencies and consciousness. Heightens metaphysical senses and awareness while providing depth of understanding. Dispels fears by providing clear insight. Clears path of potential obstacles while increasing beneficial synchronicities and strengthening silent communication in aligned partnerships. Opens clear portals for astral journey and dream visits. Color: Black
Chakras: All chakras

BLACK TOURMALINATED QUARTZ A natural combination of Quartz and Black tourmaline representing a union of opposites and providing equal properties of both crystal types. See Also Black tourmaline & Quartz

Protection against negativity of all kinds including emf, supportive balance and grounding.
Helps to create boundaries and a positive mind set. Cleanses etheric body and energy fields, sleep/dream protection, protection from sleep paralysis.
Color: Black
Main Chakra: Muladhara (clears all chakras) ~ Root chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment)

Known as a powerful spiritual healer and of great inspiration. Clears negativity and emotional blockages while encouraging communication when needed. Strengthens during recovery and promotes faith in goodness. Connects to angelic and inter dimensional gateways of light.
Color: Blue
Chakra: Vishuddah, Throat chakra (communication of all kinds, creative expression in writing)

BOTSWANA AGATE Over 180 million years old, Botswana Agate originated from a Volcano and was traditionally used in Fertility ceremonies. A gentle and soothing protection stone resonates with love and strength providing encouragement to see the solution beyond the difficulties. Considered to be a harmonizing stone, loved for its replenishing and nurturing energy needed believed to restore wearers natural balance and peace of mind. strengthens the aura while eliminating and transforming negative energies. Color: Swirls of colors. Usually whites, purples, pinks, Reds, browns, multi shades
Chakra: Muladhara, Anahata - Root and Heart chakras

CARBORUNDUM (conductive material)
semi-conductor material known as Silicon Carbide. Occurring in nature as the rare mineral moissanite. Creates organized energy patterns by its electrical impulses and considered to be an effective conduit for magnifying beneficial transmissions while shielding from disruptive frequencies including EMF.
Color: Black with rainbow iridescence

Unique ability to protect by dispelling harmful emotions including those directed by outside influences. Promotes creativity, endurance and courage.
Color: Varies in shades of Orange & Red
Main Chakras: Muladhara & Svadhisthana ~ Root & Sacral chakras (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, relationships, emotions, understanding emotions, love for self and others, sexuality)

A high frequency crystal with calming and uplifting vibrations. Considered highly spiritual and known for its ability to aid in achieving better state of balance while harmonizing multi dimensionally. Used for connecting to high angel and spirit guides as well as achieving state of meditation and eliminating harmful thought patterns. Additionally, Celestine is an Akashic record keeper allowing for memory recall of past existences for the purpose of understanding. Also used for dream recall and understanding dream meanings.
Color: Soft, translucent blue/indigo
Chakras: Ajna, Sahasrara 3rd Eye and Crown chakras

Facilitates manifestation and abundance, attracts prosperity, encourages generosity, Ignites will power, creative imagination, artistic expression of emotion while also increasing productivity and independence. Compliments masculine and feminine aspects.
Color: clear yellow or light brownish
Main Chakras: Manipura ~ Solar plexus chakra (will power, assertiveness, mental ability, expression of will)

CHALCEDONY (BLUE) A healing stone for overall well being used by healers to facilitate emotional release and restore balance. Brings peace of mind and feeling of calm tranquility while promoting expression through communication and creativity. Encurages acceptance of new situations and the strength to overcome challenges.
Color: Light blue / indigo
Chakras: Vishudah, Ajna, Sahasrara - Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown chakras

CHAROITE Valuable stone of the Violet ray harmonizing the relationship between heart & crown while revealing messages of "now" purpose and encouraging letting go of what is not beneficial for that purpose. Found only in Siberia Russia along the Chary River, this rare stone is a valued talisman of comfort or many in that region. In essence, Charoite is an embodiment of strength, courage and emotional support. Used by healers for its grounding, unique healing rays and strong protection ability.
Color: opaque lavender, violet and lilac
Chakra: Anahata, Ajna, Sahasrara - Heart, 3rd eye & crown

CHINTAMANI (Or Cintamani) - The legendary wish fulfilling jewel deeply rooted in both Buddism and Hindu scriptures considered the philosophers stone of the western world. Many believe it fell from the Orion constellation after orbiting Sirius Though some discrepancy still exists regarding the exact origin however, most agree the Chintamani fell from the stars and landed in Tibet where it was hidden in Shambhala for some time. Chintamani Believed to fulfill an essential purpose of correcting planetary imbalances including calibration of magnetic orbit, realigning the elemental energy needed to sustain cycles. Opens and aligns all chakras, activates etheric light body and clears consciousness of unneeded patterns. Establishes connection with healing light rays, protection and cosmic communication. Elevates mind & soul above negativity, provides wisdom needed to understand important lessons and paths purpose. Aligns individual with highest potential and purpose.
Color: Blackish blue grey (some say with green hue)
Chakra: All chakras

CHIASTOLITE (AKA the Cross Stone)
A very unique stone known as a gateway to astral and ethereal planes and considered to be excellent for protection against psychic attacks. Aids in meditation, self discovery and all psychic work.
Color: Bown with black cross
Chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana - Root and Sacral

The foundation stone of Unconditional love, Rebirth and new beginnings. Chrysocolla transforms through purification of mind and soul, disintegrating negative patterns and false ideals, making room for capacity to love. Deepens connection to all that is natural and divine by shifting vibrations toward rhythms of creation. Can provide spiritual insight during meditation with colorful visualization. Also known to be a revealer of true heart desires. Helpful for communication and calm expression.
Color: Blue and Green shades, resembles planet body (Earth)
Main Chakra: Anahata, Vishuddah - Heart & Throat chakras

DALMATIAN JASPER Stone of loyalty, service and relationships aiding in all aspects of balance. Facilitates grounding even when faced with difficult situations and clears the aura of energy patterns not beneficial for the individual. Additionally, Dalmatian jasper dispels negative energy as it contains black tourmaline (black spots). Allows recognition of ones strengths and weaknesses while renewing sense of adventure and excitement. Green Dalmation Jasper has its own unique qualities of heart centered calming and releasing fears.
Color: pale with black spots Chakra: Muladhara, Anahata - Root & Heart

Sparks fire of passion, creativity & encourages embracement of life. Birth of ideas & motivation to bring forth into manifesting. Emotional understanding and fluidity.
Color: Various shades of Reds, Oranges, Yellows
Chakra: Muladhara, Svadhisthana ~ Sacral & Root Chakras
(grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, relationships, emotions, understanding emotions, love for self and others, sexuality)

Reinforcing stone of unconditional love, strengthening all relationships and promoting healthy balance in partnership. Known to promote loyalty and heal emotional wounds of the heart and considered by many to be the strongest stone for the heart chakra. Provides wisdom where relationships are concerned, protecting through foresight of unhealthy associations and the vibration of love.
Color: shades of green
Chakra: Anahata - Heart Chakra

Powerful resource for promoting Positive transformation and abundance. Works by multiplying the good in ones life while drawing more opportunities for happiness and prosperity. Motivates and encourages fulfillment of dreams/goals by providing clear, accurate perception and heart of hope for future. Excellent for those feeling stuck in patterns or unable to make progress with ideas and creative inspirations. Improves relationships and strengthens healthy connections to spiritual community. Easily programmed.
Color: Various shades of green
Chakra: All

Protective and stabilizing, grounding while offering clarity. It is excellent for cleansing aura of ether dust or stagnant energy areas. Improves insight and intuition.

~ GREEN fluorite - embraces & attracts love also favored among healers
~ BLUE fluorite - improves communication of all kinds, enhances insight
~ PURPLE FLUORITE Clear psychic vision & intuition, peaceful meditation
~ RAINBOW fluorite harmonically facilitates all these qualities as a combination.
All chakras

A deeply spiritual and a powerful stone for all forms of divination, self healing, mediation, self discovery and protection.
Color: Dark purple, deep rose red
Main chakra: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata ~ Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart chakras
(grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, relationships, emotions, understanding emotions, love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness, will power, assertiveness, mental ability, expression of will)

Girasol Opal is an ancient type of Quartz found in Madagascar. Metaphysically, this is a powerful crystal for helping to clarify all matters of the heart especially love & passion, bringing light to ones true feelings while disregarding the feelings that are only superficial and preventing growth. Known to provide a sense of calm and hopefulness while blocking impulsive behavior patterns. Excellent for visual meditations & finding center balance within. Clears and circulates auric field to remove inward obstacles which prevent creativity and productiveness. Encourages communication of thoughts while aiding in the ability to express them (for this it is best when used with corresponding throat chakra crystal)
Color: Clear milky often with pale bluish tint. Reflective of purple/blue tones.
Chakra: Anahata, Ajna Heart, Third Eye chakras (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness, enlightenment, psychic ability, meditation, discernment)

GOLD (element) ~☯ purity, divinity, strengthens a sense of connection, stabilizer of emotions, preserver of thoughts. Helps to combat feelings of inferiority. Color: Golden Main Chakras: Anahata ~ Heart Chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)
GOLDEN TEKTITE / GREAT SAND SEA GLASS (Egyptian Sahara) Aka Libyan Desert Glass
Controversial origin of this 29 Million year old material is thought to be either Meteor impact or by Aerial bursts. Found only along the Egyptian/Libyan border in the Great Sand Sea. Powerful protection field and manifesting capacity with a deep mystical Golden Re embodiment. Subtle, powerful spiritual essence, enhancing psychic ability and improving senses. Releases harmful patterns & strengthens will. Encourages spiritual growth, attracts abundance & promotes prosperity.
Brings beneficial partnerships and relationships through synchronicity.
Record keeper of Amenti ancient knowledge. Used by ancient cultures in sacred art and instruments. Became a valuable interest after discovering artifacts in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, including scarab artifact made with the Golden gem.
Color: Various shades of Yellow Opaque & Translucent often with bubble/ crater like texture & surface or specks of organic particles.
Chakra: Manipura Solar Plexus, Crown, Aligns All Chakras

Pendants are magnetically drawn together at heart by Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets (inside each pendant)
Cleanses, mends and opens the heart to love while strengthening all meaningful relationships. Allows mind to focus on lifes meanings positively and joyfully. Color: Olive green Chakra: Anahata ~ Heart chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)

A stone of Strength, Courage, protection and Self love. Green Sardonyx is believed to encourage discipline, promote optimism and provide the wisdom to recognize opportunities which bring happiness.
Color: Various shades of Green bands, often with white, brown or black
Chakra: Anahata, Heart Chakra

HAWKS EYE (aka Blue Tiger's Eye)
Tranqulity, Peace, acceptance and Protection strengthening ones ability to perceive positively and trust instuition. Finds and reveals the inner voice and true nature of obstacles. Provides protective aura while heightening awareness & strengthening instincts. Aids in communication by clearing throat chakra and strengthening the connection of heart and mind.
Color: Deep Blue/Grey Blue with brown/golden bands
Chakras: Vishudah, Ajna Throat, Third Eye chakra

Powerful spiritual healer and ascension crystal raises and transcending vibrations rapidly. Works simultaneously through many dimensions and frequencies in a harmonic synchronicity strengthening life force and riding space of all negative forms of thought and energy. Unique way of restructuring balance and chakras to prevent blockages.
Color: light/bright greenish yellow
Chakras: All chakras

Strong grounding and protecting stone. Balances Yin- Yang while shielding from negativity & increasing confidence. Clears mind while enhancing motivation toward positive goals, redirects from negative patterns. Has been said to relieve arthritis symptoms and circulate blood flow and circulation (Hema/blood). Used widely in various forms of holistic arts and magnetic therapy.
Color: Black, Grey or silver often with various earth tone markings
Chakra: Muladhara ~ Root Chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment)

Water clear, naturally double terminated Quartz crystal mined in Herkimer New York. Radiates clear, pure vibrations making this crystal an excellent conduit for attunements and energy healing. Opens channels for spiritual flow, closes unwanted static channels. Clears all chakras, opens crown chakra.
Color: Clear
Chakras: All

IRON OXIDE (Magnetic) - element for enhancing the piezoelectric effect and to provide grounding for improving the transmutation of energy. Additionally, this form of iron is known for aiding in clarity, perception and providing a sense of calm while balancing emotions. It is also used as a divination support tool, aiding in astral travel, vision quests and post grounding.
Considered to be an excellent healing stone for its quality of union between mind and body, dispelling negativity and relieving frustration. Deepens connections to frequencies of herbs and plants which makes it popular among herbalists. Vibrates serenity and increases love and nurturing tendency. Used often to draw wisdom during meditations and for its ability to assist in resolving deeply rooted emotional pain. Protects and harmonizes aspects of life. Carried by many to invite prosperity & abundance.
Color: Green shades
Chakra: Anahata, Heart
In addition to the common jasper qualities such as providing comfort, strength and energizing, the Jaguar Stone is deeply spiritual in essence. Draws in harmonic synchronicity and opportunities for relationships to form. Provides sense of reassurance and offers clarity in finding solutions while encouraging kindness and compassion, avoiding regret. Aligns heart and will, considered to be beneficial for astral barrier work and a powerful protection stone from negativity.
Color: Many colors in spotted patterns, often shades of pink, grey, white, orange
Chakra: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus (energy can vary with colors)

K2 The Stone of Self Sufficiency, named for its Origin on Mount Chogori, said to be the 2nd highest mountain in the world, located in the Karakoram Range. K2 is a combination of White Granite and the powerful stone of transformation, Azurite. Believed to bring out inner strengths while transforming weaknesses and fears. Used by some in mediation to recall past lives, connect to spirit guides and achieve states of higher consciousness. Used by some tribal healers to encourage release of painful and unproductive memories and patterns. Excellent for Medium work, especially when used with Akashic Celestine. Color: Whiteish Grey with Blue spots of Azurite. sometimes with specks of green (Malachite, naturally occurring in Azurite.) Chakras: Vishudda, Anahata, Ajna, Sahasrara - Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown

KUNZITE The Stone of inner peace, understanding and bonds. Kunzite is the crystal to have when looking for new projects or strengthening relationships. Provides the focus needed to complete goals and the confidence to seek out new partnerships dissolving the uncomfortable ego layers between people. Additionally, Kunzite has an effective way of repairing trust in others and revealing the beauty in those around us. Brings the heart and mind together harmoniously and encourages giving and receiving unconditional love.Resonates pure innocence and light filling the space with vibes of inspiration and motivation. Said to harmonize, intensify and unite twin souls/twin flames or romantic relationships when worn.
Color: Various shades of very pale pastel pink to lavenders
Chakras: Anahata, Ajna, Sahasrara - Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown Chakras

In addition to its ability to enhance and facilitate meditation, Kyanite is known for its instantaneous clearing, balancing and aligning of all chakras. Kyanite also swiftly removes energy blockages and allows for a consistent flow of life force - in turn promoting logic and creative inspiration, restoring motivation and purposeful direction. Additional properties are associated with different colors.
Green Kyanite - Awareness and harmony with heart consciousness, allowing new perspectives and understanding of love and inter-connected nature of all that is 
Blue Kyanite - Aids in truthful voice with clarity
Black - very effective for Protection from psychic attach and negative energy
Chakras - All chakras, main associations for different colors

Well known as a Powerful stone of Magical Mysticism, awakening psychic abilities and even encouraging new adventure by providing a sense of excitement. Reveals the positive side of everything and strong protection from negative outside influences. Used during spiritual transformation for its ability to raise consciousness while simultaneously grounding. Strengthens faith in self, stimulates creativity & imagination.
Color: Iridescent bluish/violet silver reflective, Pale green, blue or grey, occasional goldish tones
Chakra: Vishuddah, Ajna, Sahasrara ~ Throat, Third Eye, Crown Chakras

The stone of truth, love and enlightenment. Considered by many to be a sacred stone of Justice as it encourages balance in unions & relationships of love, dissolution of harmful or unhealthy partnerships. Lapis Lazuli was often worn by those in high political positions as it was said to “calm the anger of the king” & purify thoughts. Also known to bring about wealth and good fortune in all aspects of life. Aids in interpreting information especially sacred text. Improves many forms of communication including between worlds.
Color: deep blue with white, Gold or silver inclusions
Main Chakra: Vishuddah, Ajna ~ Throat and third eye chakras (communication, creative expression in writing, enlightenment, psychic ability, meditation, discernment)
LEMURIAN CRYSTALS (Lemurian Seed Crystals) ~
Considered one of the "Master crystals" offering wisdom and many gifts. Structurally aligned to aid in astral travel and multi dimensional communication while also used often for removal of difficult energy blockages. Its vibration of unconditional love allows for an excellent tool for blockages where the heart chakra is concerned. The legend known by many stems from a lost civilization called Lemuria whose people, aware that their civilization would be ending without record of existence, had programmed these crystals with information for the enlightened generations to come. In addition to receiving messages of love, healing, awakening codes & star map alignments known to the Lemurians, it is also believed these crystals greatly enhance dreams and recall of past existence's. Distincly recognized by unique barcode like coding lines visible from one or more side of the crystal. Aligns self & purpose.
Color: Clear, Clear-pinkish with orange hue through all layers
Chakras: All chakras

Beautiful crystal with celestial appearance and energy popular for its way of soothing, calming and reassuring. Powerful but gentle stone of transition aiding in the release of negative patterns/emotions and a unique way of reorganizing to facilitate change for the better. When change is not needed, Lepidolite strengthens path and strengthens motivation to stay on track. Dissolves energy blockages and dispels negativity keeping one from true happiness. Encourages peaceful environment.
Color: Soft shades of pink, purple often with glittery appearance from natural deposits of aluminum
Chakra: Anahata, Ajna, Sahasrara - Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown - Stimulates balance of all chakras

Excellent for mediation to instill peace, promote visualization and still thoughts. Increases creative ideas.
Color: grey, white, Bright blue
Main chakras: Ajna, Sahasrara ~ Third eye, crown chakras (Divine paths, perception, consciousness, awakening, clarity, psychic abilities, spiritual inner standing)

MALACHITE ~ Unmistakable and equally dramatic in beauty as it is metaphysically, Malachite is a widely recognized as a valuable and also a powerful healer. Simultaneously balances & aligns all chakras, clears blockages & dissolves negative patterns by drawing out deeply rooted or suppressed emotions then aiding in reconciliation process. to draw out deeply rooted or suppressed emotions & aid in the reconciliation. Deep cleansing of heart chakra especially by healing trauma & strongly encouraging acceptance of love. Powerful protection crystal by amplifying beneficial energy & shielding from harmful frequencies and influences.Promotes positive transformation & renewal, radiates & attracts abundance. Often called "The Midwives Stone" as it was considered to be a beneficial crystal for childbirth and balance of postpartum emotions. Aids in communication especially where emotions and love are concerned.
Color: Deep Green. Often with lighter circular patterns.
Main Chakras: Anahata, Vishuddah Heart, Throat (Balances, aligns all chakras)

Truly a gift from the stars & one of the rarest materials upon the earth, valued for its singularity & unique metaphysical properties. Unlike other tektite crystals & meteor formations, Moldavite is a beautiful deep green. Our Moldavite is hand collected in Czech Republic and of the finest pieces available. Even those less sensitive to crystals often attest to the undeniable energy from this amazing gem. Promotes rapid spiritual transformation, Connects one to the stars and ancient wisdom of past present and future intertwined. Purifies & dissolves anti creating energy and thought forms. Expands and ascends consciousness.
Color: Green
Chakras: Aligns all chakras

~One of the rarest materials upon the earth, Moldavite is a Tektite crystal, the only formation occurred almost 15 million years ago in Czech Republic from a reaction between the earth planetary body & meteor. Commonly misunderstood, It was not the actual meteor collision that formed this Tektite. Just before impact there was a spray of gases from the meteor creating the extreme temperature unmatched by other meteors, causing formation of this amazingly beautiful, energetically incomparable, deep green Moldavite. Only found in Czech Republic & must be collected by hand without digging under strict regulations. Extremely valuable for its beauty, singularity & to many for its spiritual informativeness abilities & many other metaphysical properties.

Called the Stone of youth for its unique ability to shift conscious perceptions and belief about the process of aging. Protection, heightens intuition, strengthens instincts, encourages sense of adventure.
Color: Earth tones
Main Chakra: Muladhara ~ Root Chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment)

Mystical teacher Crystal of knowledge and also inner truth. Powerful enhancer of all higher abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, animal communication and medium work. Unites spiritual and physical planes. Gently brings to light the things missing from ones life and reveals paths to finding. Provides a sense of inner peace & serenity.
Color: mixed from Pearl to blue sheen and opaque to Clear veil
Chakras: Vishuddah, Ajna, Sahasrara - Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown

The crown stone of light with a unique prismatic protection while simultaneously opening one to all essential vibrations of love and variations of ethereal light. Helpful in all forms of spiritual work and paths as it provides clarity, psychic protection and promotes accurate perception. Powerful tool for dream work and remembrance of past, presnt situations affected by past and seeing ways to avoid obstacles in future. Considered a stone of angelic realm.
Color: Clear with iridescent rainbows
Chakras: Sahasrara Crown Chakra

A crystal of depth and vibrant energy, recently discovered and recognized for its support of all feminine aspects and female paradigm shift. Strengthens compassion and love by working through all chakras (rather than heart chakra only) and raises female conscious awareness above false ideals and limitations. For males, can assist with inner/ understanding of female qualities for the improvement of relationships.Empowers Justice and Aligns will with heart and mind,
Color: Ranges from dark orange/red to clear with orange/red tint and inclusions.
Chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus chakras

MYSTIC MERLINITE (INDIGO GABBRO) ~ Volcanic crystal formed in Madagascar. One of the most powerful stones for enhancing ones connection to the realm of spirit, increasing intuitive understanding of all that is magical and mystical. Unification of mythos & logos. Grounding to enable focus while blocking distractions from field of energy. Balance logos and mythos. In addition to primary chakra associations, also is a facilitator/stimulator of Higher Heart (Thymus) chakra. Color: Black/Blue patterned Chakra: Svadhisthana, Ajna ~ Solar Plexus, (HIGHER HEART), Third Eye chakras (will power, assertiveness, mental ability, manifestation, focus, expression of will, acceptance and compassion for others, expression from the heart, voice & truth, deeper love for self & others, enlightenment, psychic ability, meditation, discernment)
Rare type of Jasper obtained only at low tide from a distant coast in Madagascar.
Strong ability to lift and transcend negative thoughts and emotions. Used often for meditation as it provides a deep sense of tranquility and calmness.Encourages expression of love & promotes through verbal and character. Excellent for harmonizing relationships in place of work.
Color: Ocean appearance patterns of many shades and varies. mainly white, tan, green, pink, black, red, blue.
Chakra: Manipura, Anahata, Vishudda ~ Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat chakras

ONYX (Black)
Highly protective stone absorbs and transforms all forms of negativity while preventing the holder from being drained by negativity. Increases instincts and awareness of material plane, instills reason, helps with difficult decisions, eases stress and grief.
Color: Black
Main chakra: Muladhara ~ Root chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment)

ONYX (Blue) Offers a sense of strength and is said to be a reassuring force when ridding unhealthy patterns. Unique way of bringing balance to the mind and thoughts while providing supportive confidence to achieve tasks. Encourages open and honest communication.
Color: Shades of Blue often with blue, white, silver bands
Chakra: Vishudah Throat Chakra

OPAL (Fire)
A magical stone of protection & intuition used for journeys of self discovery and understanding of others. Believed for ages to have the ability to invite prosperity, enhance creative ideas and frees one from inhibitions. Used by healers for mediations and to aid in blockages caused by loss originated grief. Color: red, white, pink or peach with reflecting colors/light
Chakra: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Sahasrara - Sacral, Aligns Root & Crown

OPAL (Blue Fire)
Anti Conflict, resolves inner turmoil and harmonizes environment. Found Ethiopia representing the unseen interconnection of Land and sea. connects higher and lower correspondence. Mystic and ancient wisdom renewed.
Color: Various shades of blue with or without visible fire. Can be transparent or Opaque
Chakra: Vishudda, Sahasrara and Anahata (when green tones) Throat, Crown, Heart Chakras

OPALITE (opalized Fluorite crystal) ~
Light workers stone & can be used as divination tool by clairvoyants (visions). Lifts sadness.
Color: clear & milky Iridescent colors
Main Chakra: Anahata ~ Heart Chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)

OPAL (WHITE) Ignites intuition and deep insight. Enhances empathic ability and resonates with compassion & cosmic consciousness. Used in energy work to cleanse auric field and purify energetic environment.
Color: white with some various iridescence.
Chakra: Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

Extremely effective for balancing all Sacral energies and aspects including creativity, confidence. Very positive crystal providing energy needed to overcome insecurities and unhealthy patterns.
Color: Various shades of oranges
Chakra: Svadhisthana ~ Sacral chakra (relationships, emotions, understanding emotions, love for self and others)

A stone of manifestation, healing, protection as it amplifies and directs energy. Popular and valued for its ability to store information, ethereal records, memories and energy patterns (Teacher Crystals)
Color: clear, colorless
Chakras: All Chakras ~

PEACOCK ORE (Chalcopyrite) ~
Teacher of ancient wisdom with ability to accumulate records, memory and information quickly and store them deeply. Promotes joy & happiness in the present while enhancing the ability to foresee opportunities which bring happiness in the future. Assists in dealing with obstacles. Encourages trust in visible & audible truth. Removes energy blockages & circulates life force. Activates, clears and aligns crown simultaneously. Primarily associated with the crown chakra, also activates aligns & activates all chakras.
Colors: Metallic/ Iridescent peacock colors
Main Chakra: Sahasrara ~ Crown Chakra (Divine paths, perception, consciousness, awakening, clarity)

Stone of healing, rebirth and renewal. Assists in all matters of love and healing the heart.
Color: Shades of green (from yellow green to olive green). Abundance.
Main Chakra: Anahata ~ Heart chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness, making heart whole after trauma)

Valuable crystal that resonates peaceful and gentle vibrations directing them towards the heart chakra. Heart healer encourages open-ness to love and healthy bonds while drawing love towards the wearer, Strengthens hope and willingness to forgive. Allows one to see beauty in others.
Color: light pink some white. Variety of opaque to translucent
Chakra: Anahata, Heart

Spiritual healer stone bringing comfort & support while opening the heart & crown to empower a higher spiritual awareness. Balances the feminine aspects & encourages positive thought transition, Divine purpose alignment.
Color: Various shades of Pink
Main Chakra: Anahata & Sahasrara ~ Heart & Crown Chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness, selfless love, Divine paths, perception, consciousness, awakening, clarity)

A stone of manifestation, healing, protection as it amplifies and directs energy. Popular and valued for its ability to store information, ethereal records, memories and energy patterns (Teacher Crystals)
Color: clear, colorless
Chakras: All Chakras ~

self esteem, emotional strength, strength while facing obstacles of the heart, strength in confrontations, past life memories, contact with loved ones who have left the physical existence, animal communication, deepens connection to all of nature
Color: many shades of green and pink with grey and white
Main Chakra: Anahata ~ Heart chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)

Powerful Protection, Calming while grounding, self confidence, courage, overcome fears.
Color: Various shades of red and orange
Main Chakra: Muladhara ~ Root chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, instinct)

Safe water travel, protection, happiness, balance, creative ideas, passion, ancient wisdom
Color: Red
Main chakra: Muladhara ~ Root chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, instinct)

Energizes and transforms while providing deep understanding in stressful situations. Aids in overcoming obstacles. Grounds & stabilizes emotions to allow concentrated focus. Protects against harmful situations allows for strong instincts.
Color: Red
Chakra: Muladhara Root chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, instinct)

Stone of compassion & selfless love. Comforts & instills inner peace. Harmonizes thought and emotion while nurturing inner child. Promotes positive attitudes. Builds trust & assists in making right choices with relationships. Encourages healthy relationships & love.
Color: Various shades from light pinks & reds with white swirls
Main Chakra: Muladhara, Manipura, Anahata ~ Root, Solar Plexus & Heart chakras (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, instinct, will power, assertiveness, love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)

Assists in all matters of the heart and love. Rose quartz is widely known as the healer of hearts or the love quartz. Inspires and encourages love for others as well as recognizing self beauty and self love. Helps with difficult decisions and choices related to relationships.
Color: Pink, clear pink
Main Chakra: Anahata ~ Heart chakra (love for self and others, compassion, empathy, strength in love, forgiveness)

RUBY A powerful stone of protection against all types of negativity especially in matters of heart. Strengthens bonds, promotes happiness while encouraging work that will provide strength and wisdom to overcome overcome harmful patterns or limitations. Resonates with love and harmonic relationships.
Color: Pink to deep red
Chakras: Muladhara - Root Chakra

A majestic combination of two highly energetic crystals, Ruby and Green Zoisite covers a broad spectrum of benefits in a perfectly balanced circulation. Promotes happiness, love and abundance while dissolving all patterns of thought and emotions which block their entry into ones life. Increases flow of positivity and harmony in all aspects of life while enhancing creativity and psychic abilities. Color: Green with ruby spots. Increases strength, confidence and receptiveness to love. Creates synchronicity for prosperity.
Main Chakra: Muladhara, Anahata Root and Heart Chakras

A stone of spiritual cleansing and growth, Rutilated Quartz is believed to draw and magnify the light within the universe by transcending negative energy. Protects wearer from harmful thoughts and is used for strengthening empathic bonds between humans and animals.
Main Chakra: All chakras
Color: Clear with gold threats (rutilate)

A stone of healing and intuition, balancing and strengthening connection to higher self and/or Angels. Attunes and teaches awareness of self, provides guidance for temperance is difficult situations especially where all forms of communication are concerned.
Color: Blue, deep Indigo,
Chakra: Vishudah, Ajna - Throat and 3rd Eye

Angels wand, protective stone. shields against from outside
influences and dispels negativity. Cleanses & aligns all chakras, promotes harmony, self confidence, honesty & reduce stress.
Color: white
Main Chakra: Ajna & Sahasrara ~ Third eye & crown chakra (Divine paths, perception, pure consciousness, awakening, clarity, psychic abilities, spiritual inner standing)

Madagascar Septarian is from the Cretaceous period is somewhere around 50 million earth years old. Also known as Dragon Stone as it was told that when the dragons died out they gave their bodies to sea and the sea preserved them. Only found in a few remote locations, Septarian is valued for its appearance, rarity & individual uniqueness as it is known that no 2 are the same. Metaphysically considered to be a deeply calming crystal & an ancient teacher of wisdom from land and sea. Used as a “shamans stone” for its deep connections to nature and multiple planes / aspects of existence / dark and light. Aids in all aspects of spiritual & emotional transformation. When creating pendants with this crystal I accompany it with specific types that I feel are best suited for its energetic balance and daily use. Provides grounding and emotional (etheral emotional) protection, strengthens will and focus.❤ Color: Shade varieties mainly browns, yellows, white
Corresponds with Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura ~ Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras providing balance & alignment

A highly protective stone used historically as protection from all nuisance including the belief the stone could ward off snakes giving it the name Serpentine. Believed by healers to promote well being by establishing a balance of self control, opening paths toward fulfilling experiences and spiritual understanding. Encourages decisiveness and teaches to embrace individuality, teaching to express through creativity
Color: Green with snake skin patterns
Chakra: Muladhara, Anahata - Root & Heart

SPESSARTINE - (AKA Garnet of the Sun) A beautiful type of Garnet, energizes and strengthens body, mind and spirit while providing the encouragement needed to overcome fears and self doubt. Often used as an amulet for its protective energy and to enhance creative abilities or skill.
Improves visualization ability and strengthens the heart. Imparts divine wisdom.
Color: Deep red / scarlet
Chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana - Root and Sacral Chakra

2 Billion year old ancient stone of powerful protection. Elite Shungite is the rarest & most beneficial form of Shungite. Known as a mysterious and miraculous stone & subject of much research for its healing & purification abilities. Our Elite Shungite is authentic Karelian Shungite sourced from Zazhoginskoye deposit (In Russia) ensuring highest and purest quality. Metaphysically, Elite Shungite provides a magnified effect of the qualities Shungite is known for. Protects from EMF by actually transforming the frequencies into helpful energy. Life force conduit, sleep protection,sleep protection, Balances masculine & feminine, balances duality. Elite Shungite,reflects upon subconscious, promoting sight of reason while simultaneously grounding, centering and providing clarity. Self realization & assistance in objective observation. Aligns and balances all chakras.
Color: Black, Silver, Shining Black Mirror
Main Chakra: All chakras ~

2 Billion year old ancient stone of protection. Protects from EMF by actually transforming the frequencies into helpful energy. Life force conduit, sleep protection,sleep protection, Balances masculine & feminine, balances duality. Primordial protective.
Color: Black, transparent black, transparent grey or violet in finer forms

Known for its protective and absolute ability to reject impurities and even draw them forward to destroy them. Hidden truth told in stories and fairy tales throughout generations, making silver the hero and savior against mythological adversaries such as vampires, werewolves and all forms evil. Today silver is used for many medicinal purposes as its reputation of protector of humanity is re-discovered. Metaphysically, Silver is as a mirror of self which begins all acceptance and self realization. Powerful protector and enforcer of boundaries. Encourages respect and unhealthy judgement.
Main Chakra: All chakras ~

The natural process where crystals replace the wood (petrified) over time. Sycamore is an ancient, sacred wood used to enhance connection to spirit guides and thought to instill wisdom. Used for many rituals since ancient civilizations and known to be a vibration that exists in both worlds (live/dead).

See Quartz

A stone of transformation known for swift centering and providing clarity in thought, truth in communication. Releases old patterns and raises conscious awareness toward new path.
Color: Blue
Chakra: Vishudah, Ajna - Throat & 3rd Eye

THULITE/ ZOISITE (aka Pink Tanzanite) Valuable crystal commonly referred to as The stone of Love as it is arguably the most powerful heart centered stone where matters relating to love are concerned. Unique way of aligning the heart with mind, body and soul to encourage love in relationships while promoting self love & appreciation simultaneously in a synchronized way. As a protective crystal, it clears negativity by raising vibrations with happiness and heart centered focus. In addition to strengthening relationships that are important in ones life, Also helpful for those who are shy or nervous when socializing. Considered to be a regenerating crystal as it brings about sense of renewal by clearing negative and destructive patterns, thoughts and emotions while encouraging good judgment. When combined with certain crystals, can be very beneficial for public speaking for its capacity to inspirer quick wit & eloquent speech. Color: Light & Dark shades of Rose Pink with shimmery white.
Chakra: Anahata, Vishuddah Heart & Throat - Additionally provides Root chakra support & healing

(also called Tibetan Black Quartz)
Our Tibetan crystals are of the purest quality, hand mined by Buddhist monks without power tools from the most sacred areas of Tibetan plateau (Himalayas)..Attuned to esoteric and ancient wisdom these crystals also seem to emanate the OM vibration which deepens mediation while balancing and aligning the chakra system. Known for enhancing divination and prayer practices. Used by the monks & vedas for its ability to facilitate transformation, transcend and release self limitations.
Color: Clear, clear with black inclusions, clear with rainbow windows
Main Chakra: Sahasrara ~ Crown chakra (divinity, wisdom, clarity, inner peace, pure consciousness)

A protective stone for emotions and mind. Strengthens will, ability to resolve conflict and increases happiness.
Color: Brown, gold
Main chakras: Muladhara, Manipura ~ Root & Solar Plexus chakras (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment, will power, confidence, assertiveness of will, career focus and skills, success)

Considered by many throughout the world to be the most beautiful form of Turquoise. Mined from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe Arizona which was originally discovered by Natives during Anasazi times.Turquoises This Turquoise has become rare and valuable collector crystal after the mines closing several years ago. Precious and sacred to many tribes including Native American as a stone of spiritual healing, strength, protection and enhancement of communication between spiritual and physical planes. A stone of purification, self realization & creativity capable of calming nerves by balancing the body's "yin and yang". Helps to overcome feelings of self doubt which prevents self sabotage. Aligns spirit and physical body and deflects electromagnetic build up. Considered a stone of great power and wisdom by ancient cultures for its ability to change color during transitions. Color: distinctive soft blue (robins egg similarity)
Chakras: Anahata, Vishuddah ~ Heart & Throat chakra

Rare form of turquoise possessing all the properties and benefits Turquoise is known for while having its own unique connection to the heart chakra. This provides an element of strengthening and healing where all matters of love for self and others are concerned while promoting and facilitating effective communication that comes from the heart through speech and/or actions. Lime Green Turquoise radiates love in truth, encouraging the ability to recognize good in others. (See also Turquoise)
Color: Lime Green
Chakra: Anahata, Vishuddah - Heart & Throat chakras

A stone of purification, self realization & creativity capable of calming nerves by balancing the body's "yin and yang". Helps to overcome feelings of self doubt which prevents self sabotage. Aligns spirit and physical body and deflects electromagnetic build up. Considered a stone of great power and wisdom by ancient cultures for its ability to change color during transitions.
Our Turquoise crystals are rare & genuine turquoise which we buy in raw form then divide into small pieces.
Colors - Blue
Main Chakra: Vishuddah ~ Throat chakra (communication, creative expression)

The perfect combination of tourmaline for nurturing the heart and dispelling anger, resentment and resolve past trauma. Used for any healing practice to embrace light, happiness and open the heart to give and receive love.
Color: Green and Pink
Chakra: Anahata - Heart Chakra

Known as the "Supreme Nurturer" for its ability to provide feeling of warmth, comfort & tranquility during times of stress also shielding from outside hostility, jealousy & unwanted drama. Balances "yin yang elements" and purifies harmful EMF. A calm but energizing grounding stone strengthening ones connection to nature and sense of spiritual realms as one with physical. Assists with work related struggles such as organization and problem solving ability. Aids with creative work and strengthens will power. Clears auric field, aligns all chakras
Color: Beige, Brownish yellow
Chakra: Manipura ~ Solar plexus chakra (will power, assertiveness, mental ability, expression of will)

ZEBRA AGATE ~ Known by some as the yin/yang stone, Zebra Agate brings about sense of security as well as logical thoughts while helping to achieve simple solutions quickly. Helps to resist external influences and promotes inner balance, compassion and ability to overlook superficial aspects.
Color: Black, black & white
Main chakras: Muladhara ~ Root Chakra (grounding, security, sense of self, overcoming fear, finding place in environment)

Highly spiritual crystals radiating pure, cleansing positivity while removing negativity and attachments from all within its energy field. Promotes balance and harmony in all beneficial relationships while generating a feeling of peaceful wellbeing throughout environment. Aids in all forms of clairvoyant and medium work, opening and strengthening communication with spirit guides. Color: Variety of colors, found as delicate clusters Chakras: All Chakras

☥☾☥☬ 11th Generation Usui Reiki master/teacher (11th from founder, Dr. Usui)- completed traditional study, lessons & received attunements to levels 1, 2 & 3 (all levels)
Sacred Flames Reiki Master - 2nd In Lineage ☥☾☥☬

Completed formal courses in...
❤ Chakra Therapy
❤ Angel links
❤ Crystal Healing
❤ Aromatherapy, Traditional
❤ Aromatherapy. Spiritual
❤ Mediation
❤ Attracting Abundance
❤ Radiesthesia (art of pendulum)

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